• Just like a root

    it is in the land that

    I find my life force

  • Here we rotates

    species according

    to the seasons

  • 12 hectares

    of land blessed

    by the sea air

  • Always

    concerned about


Brejo das Cancelas

First of all - from the table and the art of hospitality - is the man who also draws his spiritual sustenance from the land because way before the pleasures of gastronomy, Paulo is a farmer. And just like a root that feeds on soil and water, it is in the land that he finds his life force.

Brejo das Cancelas, a farm located in the Rogil area, is where Paulo grows a wide variety of vegetables all year round, always concerned about sustainability, and rotates species according to the seasons. From here, the cabbages, cauliflowers, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, lettuces and countless aromatic herbs, among other vegetables that he experiments with - such as kale or nero di Toscana cabbage - are sent either to the kitchens of his restaurants or to the permanent stall in the Aljezur market, as well as to other points of distribution outside the municipality.

In these 12 hectares of land blessed by the sea air, throughout the year we find an abundance of vegetables and, above all, Paulo's ingenuity in getting the best out of the land: life with flavour.

Our garden



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